The department has state of art volumetric controlled hemodialysis machines and is manned by highly skilled technical and nursing staff. The latest reverse osmosis water plant in the dialysis unit helps attain high quality water. An emergency in the unit triggers an emergency response “code blue” which is managed effectively by a team of doctors and nursing staff. The department is also equipped with CRRT machines, MARS modules and exclusive data managing software.

The hospital has most modern Operation theatre with laminar flow ventilation, infection control guidelines, latest technology of surgical, anesthetic and safety equipment.

Kidney Transplant

At RJ super Speciality Hospital, we have an eminent team of Kidney Transplant Specialists, Nephrologists, Urologists and the technical expertise needed to meet the challenges of this life-saving procedure.

Renal Transplantation including ABO incompatible and pediatric transplantation

Our physicians are highly trained and our division is consistently among the highest-ranked programs across the country. We offer comprehensive clinical services, and innovative training programs. Our kidney specialists work closely with other specialty divisions and departments to integrate patient care and our nephrologists also involve patients and their families in decision-making and education to promote understanding of the diagnosis and treatment plans.

Stones in the kidney, ureter, bladder, common diseases of the urethra (stricture), prostate (cancer, enlargement) and bladder are routinely treated. All the advanced treatment options for stones in the kidney and other parts of the urinary tract are available. The latest machine is available for the most effective crushing of stones without surgery.

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